Feb. 19, 2018, midnight

New sandra album signed to EMI

the wait is over. the brandnew album of Sandra is ready to be released.

Feb. 19, 2018, midnight

Launch of Brandnew elaborate Web domain

Launch of brandnew elaborate Jens Gad / gadmusic website. ok.

Feb. 19, 2018, midnight

New Production Loft 37th st

In May 2012 Gadmusic / Gadimages moves into their new production loft facility on 21st floor on 37th st in Midtown West Manhattan. 

Feb. 19, 2018, midnight

Imagem Music Signing 2010

In 2010 Jens signed with Imagem Music NYC under president RICH STUMPF, who was responsible for Toby's success with Beyonce 'if i were a boy' , the Black Eyed Peas and the Fugees.!!!