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here comes 20 year old Israeli loudmouth Danielle!

you just HAVE to look at her - she's the camera's and microphone's best friend and writes loud songs about her unfulfilled phantasies - wants to be crushed ('Crush me') - and never wake up (I don't wanna wake up'), somehow 'Jimi Hendrix meets a techno DJ' or similar might come into your mind when you listen to the tracks, or is it just the next phase of girliepunk?

Born in New Orleans, grew up in Texas and then moved to Israel where she spent her last 10 years. Having quickly become a national heroine with the no.1 hit 'Rak Ani/Only Mine' she 's now seriously bound to conquer the globe - and turn it upside down.

She's a hurricane on stage and a brat in real life she - despite her young age - celebrates the bad, dirty and insane side of life with every necessary move.