Sinai Rose

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13 years old with roots in Jamaica, her dad still plays guitar with the Wailers.

She's a 'wunderkind' with a fully developed voice at her age and is a talented songwriter too. 

Sinai is signed to Kidzbop and was featured on the Kidzbop 16 and Kidsbop 17 album scoring #8 and #16 on the Billboard album chatrts with the smash 'LOL' - a texting hymn. the song was downloaded 500.000 times and was also featured on yahoo kids as well as played on disney radio. 

'LOL' was featured on the Kidzpob 16 TV commercial
'Sounds like a hit' is featured on the actual Kidzbop TV commercial

Her album is finished and will be released soon. All tracks are cowritten and produced by Jens, Sinai is a wild and crazy girl who can fight boys too (song 'I fought a boy'), her music is guitar driven edgy pop. Her vocal abilities and her range seems to be without limits.