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my past work with Enigma has created a large archive of Lounge | Electronic | Chillout tracks.
here are video clip examples of my work that have been placed in recent tv advertisements & other media. 

all of the sound clips below are available for tv advertisement and/or product placement | they can be adjusted to your needs.
scroll through the preview player to find 'your tune' and click here to contact me for rates.

6th Avenue 8 Cubes 12 After Midnight A Maria Santissima Achillia - Exodus
Achillia - Prelude Addiction Day Africa El Alma Herida Alas Del Aguila
Amadas Estrellas Amor, part 1 Amor, part 2 Atacame Aureole
Biosphere Blindfolded Blue Shift Breathe In Cape Blanc
Cape Porcupine Capsule Cat's Eye Caxias Do Sul Missing You
Closing my eyes corinthian The Cruise Crustacea damask rose
dear god - if you exist Decalogue Deeper - Further Del Credere Desnudame
Deuteronomy Devores Moi Diamond Frame Dianthus Discoveries
Disillusioned Dissolved DNA Duplicity eclairs
el momento Emerging Expanded Universe Chalk Circle Fluorescence
Fluid Forbidden Key Fourfold Vision Freedom & Fear Gestures
Glass Palace Green Matrix Gulf of Sidra Hallucination Hesitation WEB CUT
In the recent Past Introduction King's Point L-42 Land of the Elves
Le Flagolet Les Eaux Verts Lifecycles Listen to Love Macro Molecule
Marbles Metaphors Miri Manjo Navajo Mon Extraordinaire
Non-Sense Northern Lights Northern Territory Octagon Cave Odin's Hill
Once upon a time Opening my Eyes Osmosis Paparazzi Periscope
Phantomized Plakton Polar Lights Prologo Punta del Este
Push the Limits Quicksand Redis Moi Sage Scapes
Sceance Sensor Shadow of Power Shadow Truth Sensor
Shears of Scar Sheep to Lamb Shiftpower Silver Sands Slow Motion
Slowly Walking in Space Traveller Staraja Ladoga Sunbeam Sunrise
Suspected The 5th Column Tha Dark Element Delta of the Red River The Grid
The Legacy The Life of a Star The Miracle of Illusion Monks of Lindisfarne the neopoets
The Nine Worlds The Orbiting Suns The Quantum Eye The Serress Prophecy The Apex
The Caravan The Corridor The Cruise The Dawn The Descending
The Longing Taste of your tongue Time Gateway Timezone Two Torre del Grecco
Glass Prison Tripolis Triptreasures Turbulences Twilight of the Gods
ultrabelle Vividness Vivir Walk me over What d'ya think of me
Where do we go Willing to tell Work it out Xenon Tube